Friday, August 19, 2011


Dear Readers:

I recently received a suggestion from a reader that I'm frankly stunned by so I thought I would explain a few things to individuals that may attempt to read my fiction.

First, let me address the opinion.  (Of which everyone is fully entitled to whether I agree with it or not. This is my last attempt at a PC overtone here.)  It was said I shouldn't use the phrase "break her pretty little neck" as it was sexist and condescending.

If that phrase shocked and appalled for goodness sake don't read further!  My fiction is not for you!

It is this writer's humble opinion that writing should be shocking.  It should rattle cages and test the limits of the day to day.  A great novel should shock, awe, make you angry, make you weep, inspire you to laughter and in general leave you breathless when you read the last page. 

I don't want my character's to be mundane.  I want them to be as varied and flawed as the people I want to read my fiction. 

I don't feel any topic is off limits.  My characters range from straight to gay, sexist to feminist, cowardly to brave and everywhere in between.  They are sometimes shining lights in a dark world and other times flawed broken souls looking for a way back.  Either way they wish to be heard. 

Books should open your mind and transport you to a place perhaps you will never see beyond the author's imagination.  I have a voice.  I will use it.  Within my pages I will curse and blaspheme, murder and pillage, love and rejoice, cry and despair and perhaps you will feel all of those things.  What I will not do is tread softly. 

I love you all.  I respect your voice.  Don't be afraid, use it.

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