Thursday, August 18, 2011

Word Count

So every author has to worry about a word count.  Did I write enough today?  Will I meet my deadline?  I don't have deadlines and I assuredly never write enough in a day.  Between time constraints with family and work I'm lucky if I get an hour a night to actually sit down and write.  When I do I tend to falter back and forth between should I edit or should I write.  Most of the time I lean to editing which takes longer than the actual writing for me. The days that I do write I just let the words flow.

When I do write, those are the days!  Let me tell ya, I can write three or four chapters easily in a day.  I always feel most accomplished on those inspired sunny afternoons.  As if I've purged everything in my head onto the paper and when I go back to edit it I will adore the veritable brilliance of my prose.

Yet this is never the case.  When I reread the self loathing settles around me and my inspirational prose that I loved three days before looks a great deal like word vomit. 

I wonder if I'm the only one this happens too?

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