Short Stories

        The dancing lights flooded her senses in the dark.  The pounding rhythmic noise seemed to block all coherent thought, and the vast amounts of alcohol she’d consumed caressed her body with a numbing warmth.  The back of her neck tingled with the strangers putrid breath, but his groping hands and fetid breath only made her laugh and dance all the more.
            The club stymied her faculties, all she felt was the all consuming nothingness.  Even the crushing decay of loneliness had been suppressed for the moment.  She reveled in the sensation.  She had come to this place tonight, as she had many evenings before, to drown out her life.  The men that beat her, the mother that pimped her, and the rotting of her weak heart.
            She didn’t like weakness, but as of late that’s all she felt.  Weak...alone...out of control...nothing.
            The man, her stranger, pulled her towards the back room.  She smiled remembering that room well.  She pranced ahead of him shaking her long blond hair invitingly and smiling a smile she did not feel.  He wouldn’t notice it didn’t touch her eyes.  If he had taken a moment to look at something other than her ass he would have seen how dead they were.
            What did it matter if this man used her?  She had picked him to be her last.  After tonight they’d never use her again. 
            Her tiny black skirt was ripped up to her waist quickly.  She noted through her haze that he had scratched her thigh in his hurry.  She giggled as he roughly tore her panties to the side and her thoughts hazily floated their own direction as her body went his.
            When had she sunk this low?  When had she finally decided there was no out, no hope?  When had she realized that she had been caught in the quicksand of filth and she was enjoying watching the end coming?  She had decided that Death would be her last companion this evening, and he’d be her last master.
            She was left to tidy her appearance. She straightened her skirt and tied her blouse securely beneath her breasts.  She re-strapped her black heels around her shapely ankles and took a moment to glance in the mirror on the door. 
            If she could feel anything perhaps she’d sob for the child in the mirror.  She was a lovely creature with long blond hair and a bit too large green eyes.  Eyes that now held only desolation.  Her tits were high and pert and full under the white top.  She curved in all the right places and that’s why momma had made her a high dollar whore.  She was only flesh. 
            She left the money on the dusty crate where he had thrown it and decided to walk home.  It was time.
            The inky black wet pavement stretched out before her calling her home.  Her heels clicked loudly but all is silence when you walk alone.  Her thoughts the only intruder in her solitude.  Her tortured heart the only pain in her body.  The tempo of her heels clicked along faster.
            The night swallowed her while people flooded past no one offering the little soul so much as a glance.  Only one lone shadow followed her, yet only her thoughts intruded.  She was a single minded entity wishing for only one thing, longing for only the end.
            The sidewalk stretched out before her, wet, inviting, and she hurried.  Her apartment awaited her; the blade in the medicine cabinet screamed out her name.  She could imagine the feel of the cold steel as it tore straight up her arm, opening her white flesh.  She could see in her minds eye the the trail her blood would take as it ran down her hands to drip off the cold ends of her fingertips.  Drip...drip...drip.  She walked a little faster still.
            As she was about to step off the sidewalk to her apartment she paused a moment.  The street light cast an eerie glow on the wet pavement before her.  It looked as if she might be swallowed by a shimmering inky lake of darkness.  She paused on the corner, her shoe hovering just above the murky lake.  She had rushed head long to her destruction, only now to hesitate a hair’s breath away from freedom?
            She could see her apartment window.  She knew that when she opened the door if she turned on the lights the roaches would scatter. She knew the blade awaited in the dim swinging bulb of the bathroom.  Still she hesitated, her foot hovering in the air refusing to take the plunge.  The pavement still seemed alive almost breathing before her wet and dark like a whales skin.  Death, her last master, her only true lover and the last testament to her weakness waited quietly only a few feet away.  She wanted to die.  Didn't she?
            The shadow moved lighting fast as her foot stepped from the curb.  He’d been following her now for two blocks.  Entranced by her childlike beauty and rolling waves of sadness that emanated from her very pores.  He wanted her.
            His life had been years of torment, anguish, and an undying loneliness.  He loved only to be betrayed.  Their betrayal in the form of age, their own mortality.  His betrayal in the gift he refused them because of his love.
            Loneliness had engulfed him in hunger.  Seeing this girl, on the wet night street, had freed him.  Something about her sang to him.  The death he could almost smell on her made him realize she would understand him.  She would embrace his strength and free his cold heart.
            His hands seized upon her slender waist, and frightened green eyes met his own.  In that moment they understood one another.
            Her heart pounded in her chest sending up a cacophony of sounds to his ears, the blood racing through her veins, the people stirring in the apartment complex, the many minute things he could hear in the chorus that was the night.  He steadied his anticipation and turned his dark gaze toward her, pulling her closer.   
            His ebony eyes seemed to read every feeling she was having and tell her at the same time they were valid, yet dismiss them as if they were nothing.  Give into them, revel in them, but consume them, do not be consumed.  She shivered in his arms.
            “Do you embrace death?”  
            “I invite it.” She whispered.
            “You will let death rule you then?”
            “He will be my last master.”  Tears formed in her eyes but did not fall.
            He yanked her hard against him so they were chest to chest.  His fingers dug into her hips.  He leaned closer to her ear and whispered.  “Defy him. Choose to spit at him and be immortal.  Scream you will not be taken and choose to live an eternity with me.”
            A spark ignited somewhere deep within her soul.  A chance to rebel.  A chance to take power and defy even God himself.
            “No more masters?” 
            He smirked,  “No more.  You listen only to yourself.  Protect only yourself.  Live only for yourself.”
            Could she do it?  After so many years of dying slowly from obeying, could she do it?  The flame began to burn. 
            “Will you love me?”  
            “Then you will chain me with that.”
            “The chains shall be mutual, but the loneliness will forever be vanquished.”
            She knew he understood the loneliness.  How could he not?  It was written in his eyes as it had been in her own. 
            “I will,” she mumbled, and as the words were spoken the blood rushed from her neck trailing a path of cold warmth down the valley of her breasts.  Life drifted away from her in a splendidly spiraling vortex, and as she floated into the welcoming void she heard his voice.
            “I could leave you here to die in the street, if that is what you wish.  Death has his icy hands wrapped around your beautiful neck firmly placing his chains upon you, or you can drink.”
            She hesitated only a moment, then she drank.  The fluid blazed a trail down her throat, igniting her chest, then her stomach, and finally warming her cold body.  Her eyes opened to a new existence.  Life would never be the same.  The pain seemed to be gone.  The void she felt filled with something substantial.  What it was yet she wasn't sure.  Life would no longer be a series of downward spirals but which way to turn next.  She would no longer be alone, but neither would she allow herself to be under his control.  
            “Where do you wish to go?”     
            “Let’s just walk,” she whispered.
            Her heels clicked silently along the wet night pavement, but this time she heard them.  This time she heard everything, but most of all she heard his heels clicking next to her, and she smiled.

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