Dear Sleepers:

Before your God chose this world to bring the dawning light to… before the first pink skinned being stumbled from His embrace into that welcoming radiance… He forgot to ask if the beings in the darkness calling this world home wanted His light, needed His love or guidance, or welcomed His creation.  Not our God!  Not our Light!  However, it was our world.
It is said He made you in His own image.  I believe that to be true.  Humans are selfish.  You take without asking.  You feel entitled simply because you exist.  You destroy.  And you believe us to be MONSTERS.
Who are we?  We’re everything your race has vanished to fiction over the centuries.  Our numbers are great. Our society thrives next to yours within the shadows.  Open your eyes before it is too late.
Our breed has states of existence what came before the awakening and the exhilaration of being after. This is your awakening.