Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspirational Curse

Sitting at my desk, at my day job, where I wonder if this is what Clark Kent feels like, cursed to the mundane Daily Planet, but secretly knowing at anytime he can burst out into SUPERMAN!  Who lets face it most people like more anyway. I was saying...chewing my pencil feeling less inclined to enter data and more inclined to day dream INSPIRATION hit me like a wet washcloth in the face.  Sometimes, while welcome, inspiration can feel like that.  More of a curse than a joy.

I've been writing a paranormal romance.  I'm five chapters and a prologue in.  I love the characters, but to be honest I struggle.  I wonder if I'm hallucinating them arching an eyebrow when I write dialog as if they are saying, "REALLY? You want me to say that?" 

I won't tell you about the internal battles I have with my characters, but they all have a voice of their own and they haven't been happy voices lately.  So I gave them a break. 

Now today VOILA breakthrough!  I have a solid idea and it's what has been missing all along.  A voice that wasn't there before.  All the character's perk up in my head.  One seems to say, "Hallelujah!  She's not a moron."


They're right to feel like that; all of them languishing in a state of indignant trite fluff.

So tonight I do the unthinkable, I rewrite!!! 

Wish me luck...pity me...hope they don't eat me alive.

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