Thursday, July 21, 2011


I really don't have a clue.  I'm stumbling around in the dark here, but I figure who isn't these days.  Who am I?  Who gives an "F"?  I'm a random person, among a zillion other random people who lives life day to day attempting to maintain an illusion of control. 

I write.  It's my high, my drug in a world where the drug of choice will eat at your flesh and makes your teeth fall out.  I figure writing is safer.  I'm less likely to wake up one morning in an alley wondering where my panties are and why I don't have a shirt.

I write romance mainly.  **GASP** I have been known to put pen and paper to Historical, Fantasy, and DARE I SAY IT?...Paranormal.  Which right now is hotter than Joe Manganiello with his shirt off.  You know...

This is not all that I write, but it's my genre of choice.  I figured I'd start this blog as a way to motivate me not to give up.  To keep working toward my goal of actually being published and to share a bit of the frustrations and sentiments along the way.

So sit down, relax, take your shoes off and curl up.  I have arrived. 

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